Garden Gatherings

Our Garden Gatherings are informal discussion groups offered by and for members of Grow Native Massachusetts, so that we can share ideas, exchange information, and learn from one another. At these events, we open our homes and gardens to each other, often sharing food and drink along with our conversation. Each Gathering is organized around a specific topic chosen by the host. For example, some might be organized to discuss a particular genus or group of species; others might be focused on creating a butterfly garden, wetland garden, or some other ecological niche. The possibilities are limitless.

In order to protect the privacy of Grow Native's membership, specific events are not advertised on our website.

If you are a Grow Native member who would like to host a Gathering on a topic of interest to you, please contact us by e-mail at: or call us at 781-790-8921.

If you are a Grow Native member, you will receive invitations to the Garden Gatherings in your region.

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Garden Gathering 17 Aug 2011  Our 2015 Garden Gatherings
  will be scheduled in the spring.