Grow Native Plant Sale: 2018

Saturday, May 19
9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Rain or Shine  |  Come early for best selection

Members at the Family/Advocate level and above can pre-order!

UMass Waltham Field Station
240 Beaver Street, Waltham, MA  02452

Buy Native ~ 120+ species available!

Add ecological value to your garden by planting species indigenous to the northeastern United States. We work with at least ten different nursery suppliers to bring you a very diverse selection not available from a single source.  All sale proceeds support our programs and we depend upon this event to help fund our work through the year.

  • Perennials   •   Ferns   •   Grasses   •   Shrubs   •   Trees
  • We hope to have an especially good selection of small trees and shrubs this year. Remember that native trees and shrubs do the most to increase biodiversity and to enhance the wildlife value of your landscapes. Be sure to add numerous native trees and shrubs into your gardens if you want to support birds and butterflies!!
  • What is “Native” in our sale? We emphasize species that are native to Massachusetts, New England, and
    the Mid-Atlantic region. We also include just a very few species native to the eastern United States for which
    the native range is slightly beyond this core area, especially if we believe they have good ecological value.
  • Ask the Experts: At our sale, you can get advice from experienced landscape professionals on plant selection and species best suited to your landscape needs. Any and all questions welcome.

Pre-Orders Before the Sale

Members at the Family/Advocate level and above may pre-order plants prior to the sale. This allows you to select the exact quantity of plants that you want and be guaranteed to get them. We source as many different species as we are able to reserve from our many suppliers, and expect to have about 75 species available through pre-order.

Our pre-order catalog will be e-mailed to all current members in mid-April, and pre-orders must be completed and received by us at the beginning of May. The catalog will have detailed instructions and deadlines for getting your order in. Be sure to stay tuned through our eNews and e-mail announcements for details as well. (Adding to your mailbox helps to ensure that these newsletters and announcements make it to your inbox.)


THANK YOU to Our Previous Plant Sale Supporters and Donors

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