Traveling Talks: We Come to You

Taught by Claudia Thompson and Other Landscape Professionals
At Libraries, Garden Clubs, Workplaces, and Locations in Your Neighborhood
You Convene the Group: We Bring this Workshop to You

If you care about the ecological value of your garden and all the lands around you, are interested in learning more about native plants, and want to better steward this planet, these workshops are for you. We present them in your city, town or neighborhood— at libraries, schools, or other public spaces. And we also encourage friends and neighbors to simply join together to host a program at home (with a minimum of 10 participants).

Fee: Based on participant numbers and length of program.

To set up these workshops: E-mail: or call us at 781-790-8921.

Download a flyer of our Travelling Talks and Lectures. 

Why Native Plant Landscapes Matter to You

Learn about the ecological importance of native plants to local ecosystems. We start with the concept of co-evolution between plants and animals, and end with an explanation of how to create healthy habitat in our own gardens and managed landscapes. In between, we explain the differences among native, naturalized, and invasive plants, and their varying effects on ecological communities. We explore the food web and critical connections that link plants to insects to birds, wildlife, and humans— and give examples of “cool” ecosystem relationships. A detailed case study illustrates the conversion of a 7,000 sq. ft. urban property from a conventional landscape to a largely native one, and the resulting impact on birds and wildlife.  By the end of the program, you will "get" why this issue is so important and understand what you can do about it. 

Designing Healthy Landscapes that Emphasize Native Plants

If you are already convinced about the importance of native plants, this program will help you take action—whether planning your own garden, working with a landscape designer, or developing a larger landscape plan. We look at the essential principles for creating beautiful gardens that are full of life— places of both beauty and biodiversity. This includes understanding the importance of context and local ecology, soils and climate, and the creation of space and form in the landscape. We consider the role of successional processes and the value of landscapes that are somewhat self-sustaining. We look at different habitat gardens from meadow to woodland, and offer advice on how to develop a plan and source native plants. 


What Our Participants Say About Our Programs

All our participants loved this workshop, rating it as “excellent,” “wonderful,” “informative,” and “inspiring.”
               — Acton Memorial Library

I was very impressed with this presentation and the way Claudia Thompson approached the topic... It is rare to meet someone with not just a passion for what they are doing, but with a deeper knowledge and understanding of their subject and how it relates to the greater whole.
               — Leigh Sherwood, AIA, LEED® AP