Q & A Session — Plant Selection

Rhodora in bloom in spring.

Special Event

  • July 29 | 12:00 - 1:00pm

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Featuring Meredith Gallogly & Ellen Menounos

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Plant Selection is today's theme. Join us for an informal session led by Grow Native's Manager of Programs, Meredith Gallogly, and Program Associate, Ellen Menounos— to ask questions and to discuss choosing native plants for your project needs. You are welcome to join whenever you can during the program and stay for as long as you want. Come armed with your questions or just sit back and listen. Are you wondering what native species might be a good replacement for your Japanese pachysandra? Or what species you might add to diversify your field of goldenrod? We have plenty of ideas. We are excited to share what we know, and to hear your thoughts and learning from your experience as well. And we love connecting with our members to share thoughts on native plants!