Native Plant Sale 2022

Our annual Native Plant Sale is one of the largest and most eagerly anticipated events we run. It was conceived as a way to give our community access to a quantity and diversity of native plants rarely found in a single retail setting. Since we started this sale, we have been able to increase the number of plants we sell each year five-fold— growth that is both very rewarding to see and challenging to sustain. The sale is powered by our staff and numerous dedicated volunteers who, along with many of those who come to shop, are brimming with enthusiasm for native plants and knowledge to share. This has always made the sale a wonderful place to learn and build connections. We can’t wait to see you there!

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    June 3 - 4 | All day

    Join Us - More than 100 Species to Choose From!
    Our 8th year! Come purchase trees, shrubs, perennials, ferns, and grasses. Open to members at the Advocate/Family level on both days. Open to the public on Saturday. NOTE: Due to site and space limitations you must sign up for a shopping block in advance! Members may also pre-order trees.

  • How Our 2022 Sale Will Work

    Our 2022 sale will comprise two days of in-person shopping—on Friday June 3 and Saturday June 4—as well as an opportunity for members to pre-order from a special selection of trees and shrubs.

    • The sale days will be divided into 90-minute shopping blocksParticipants must register in advance for a specific block.
    • Shopping on Friday June 3 will be limited to Grow Native members at the Advocate/ Family level and above (annual gift of $60+). Anyone, regardless of membership status, may sign up to shop on Saturday June 4.
    • All Grow Native members will be given the opportunity to sign up for a shopping block before registration is opened to the public.

    Our pre-sale catalog will be released in mid-May. Any member at the Advocate/Family level and above may place an order to be picked up during our active sales periods on June 3 and 4. There will be no minimum order requirement, and those participating are also welcome to sign up to shop in person. The catalog selection will be limited to trees and a few large shrubs, including many hard-to-find species.

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    Special Perennial Offerings

    Every year we work to source plant species that have significant ecological value but are often hard to find.

    One perennial we plan to offer for the first time is Solidago puberula (downy goldenrod, at left). This goldenrod is a smaller, clumping species that thrives in lean soils and sun or high-canopy shade. Goldenrods are a tremendously important source of pollen and nectar to a wide range of insects, and host the highest number of caterpillar species of any herbaceous plant.  

    Other species we will have in quantity this year are Fragaria virginiana (wild strawberry) and Penstemon hirsutus (northeastern beardtongue). Wild strawberry is a lovely groundcover for sunny spots, bears tasty fruit, and hosts 81 species of caterpillars, second only to goldenrod. P. hirsutus is an adaptable wildflower that grows in a wide range of sun and soil conditions, with lavender flowers that are also a valuable nectar source for at-risk bumblebee species.